Editorial Policy


The goal of Nursing Education and Science (NES) is to publish high-quality manuscripts dedicated to nursing education. NES is published twice a year, and all authors associated with an accredited institution can submit manuscripts of original research, reviews, debate articles, and editorials to the editorial board. 


The editors of the journal assume that all the authors listed in the manuscript agreed with the rules of the NES. Manuscripts submitted to the NES may not have been previously published anywhere and may not be considered for publication elsewhere. 


Under no circumstances will the identities of the referees be revealed. If a new author is added or deleted after the submission of the manuscript, the corresponding author must ensure that all authors are aware of and consent to the change of authorship. The NES is not responsible for such changes. 


The Editors reserve the right to make corrections, both literary and technical, to the papers. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure the anonymity of the respondents and to check that the research has been conducted with informed consent, following all guidelines for research with human subjects.


There is no author’s submission fee or any other publication-related fee. 


All published manuscripts become the permanent property of NES and may not be published elsewhere without written permission. The copyright of published manuscripts is held by the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek. The copyright transfer agreement from all authors should be sent with the original handwritten submission. The copyright transfer form is available on the journal’s home page.